• Getting help in Tex Typesetting System

    Normally Tex typesetting system distribution (such as TexLive, MikTex or TeTex) comes with a builtin help commands that provides excellent tutorials, books and plenty other documentations. Of course, the best way to learn it is to use it, so let's play with commands:
  • List of Computer tools in mathematics

    The following list links to free computer tools for mathematics.
  • Steinhaus theorem

    Let $\lambda$ be Borel measure.
    1. If $A$ is mesuarable and $\lambda(A)>0$, then $A-A=\left\{ x-y\; :\; x,y\in A \right\}$ contains a segment $I$ such that $0\in I$
    2. If $A, B$ are measurable sets and $\lambda(A), \lambda(B)>0$, then $A+B$ contains a segment I.
  • Cybersecurity links

    Links to guides blogs and tutorial in computer security.
  • Fibonacci Sequence, A Pattern of Natural Beauty

    The sequence of Fibonacci can be found everywhere in nature. First mentioned by Leonardo Fibonacci who was a medieval mathematician that was trying to solve problem involving the growth of a population of rabbits. It became one of the most famous sequence in all of mathematics. Here is a mathematical description of some of its fundamental properties...
    Fibonnaci as appeared in a snail
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