The circle of Apollonius

How to Construct an Apollonian Circle?

Proving Equivalency

Let $B$ and $C$ be two different fixed points, and let $A$ be any point such that \begin{equation} \tag{1} \label{eq1} \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{AC}}=k, \end{equation} where $k$ is any positive constant, different from one. We start with the following problem

Problem 1

Let $M$ be any point lying on the segment $BC$.

Prove:     Segment $MA$ bisects angle $\angle BAC$     if     $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}} = k$


Using the parallel axiom we can pass through $B$ a line that is parallel to $\overleftrightarrow{AC}$.

Since $\angle BMD \cong \angle CMA$ (vertical opposite angles) and $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{DB} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AC}$), we get \begin{equation} \tag{2} \triangle MDB \sim \triangle MAC \end{equation}


Since $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}} =k $ (given), we can use similar property (2) to get $\frac{\overline{BD}}{\overline{CA}}=k$, using equality (1) we can replace $\overline{CA}$ with $\frac{1}{k}\overline{BA}$ to get $\overline{BD}=\overline{BA}$. Thus $\angle BAM \cong \angle MDB$ (base angles in isosceles triangle), but $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{DB} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AC}$), therefor $\angle BAM \cong \angle MAC$ and as a result of this $AM$ bisects $\angle BAC$.


Since $MA$ bisects $\angle BAC$ (given), we get $\angle BAM \cong \angle MAC$. In addition $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating between parallels), thus $\angle BAM \cong \angle MDB$ and this implies that $\overline{BD}=\overline{AB}$. We can thus replace $\overline{AB}$ in equation (1) with $\overline{BD}$ and get $\frac{\overline{BD}}{\overline{AC}}=k$. From the last equality and similarity property (2) we get $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}}=k$. $■$

The result of problem (1) suggesting that the bisector of angle $\angle BAC$ is itersecting with segment $BC$ at a fixed point $M$. It doesn't matter whether we move point $A$ or not, as long as equality (1) preserved (for the point $A$), the intersection point $M$ (of $BC$ and the bisector of $\angle BAC$) is not going to move. We can now bisect the complementary angle of $\angle BAC$ to get the diameter of our Apollonian circle. However we are not done yet, we still don't know whether the locus of all points $A$, satisfying equation (1), form more than one circle.

Problem 2

Let $L$ be any point lying on the line $\overleftrightarrow{BC}$ and outside of the segment $BC$.

Prove:     Segment $LA$ bisects the supplementary angle of $\angle BAC$     if     \begin{equation} \tag{3} \frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}} = k \end{equation}


Using the parallel axiom we can pass through $L$ a line that is parallel to $\overleftrightarrow{AB}$ and intersect with the ray $\overleftrightarrow{CA}$ at a point $H$.

Since $\angle LHC \cong \angle BAC$ and $\angle CLH \cong \angle CBA$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{LH} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AB}$), we get \begin{equation} \tag{4} \triangle ACB \sim \triangle HCL \end{equation}


From equality (3) and similarity property (4) we get \[ k=\frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}}=\frac{\overline{LC}-\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}, \] thus $\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=1-k$. We can use this equality and similarity property (4) to get \[ \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=\frac{\overline{AC}}{\overline{HC}} =1-k. \] Using these chain of equalities and equalities (1) and (3) we get \[ \begin{array}{lll} \frac{\overline{HA}}{\overline{HL}} &= \frac{\overline{HC}}{\overline{HL}}-\frac{\overline{AC}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= \frac{(1-k)^{-1}\overline{AC}}{\overline{HL}}-\frac{k^{-1}\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= (1-k)^{-1}k^{-1}\cdot \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}}-k^{-1}\cdot \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= (1-k)^{-1}k^{-1}\cdot (1-k)-k^{-1}(1-k) \\ &= k^{-1}\big(1-(1-k)\big) \\ &= 1. \end{array} \] Thus, $\overline{HA}=\overline{HL}$ and this implies that $\angle CLH \cong \angle HAL$ (the base angles in isosceles triangle are congruent). But, $\angle LAB \cong \angle CLH$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{LH} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AB}$), therefor $\angle LAB\cong HAL$, and indeed, segment $AL$ bisects $\angle HAB$.


Since $\angle LAB\cong \angle ALH$ (alternate angles between $\overleftrightarrow{HL}\parallel\overleftrightarrow{AB}$), we get $\overline{HL}=\overline{HA}$. Let $u$ be the proportionality constant of property (4), then \[ \begin{array}{lll} u^{-1} &=\frac{\overline{HL}}{\overline{AB}} =\frac{\overline{HA}}{\overline{AB}} \\ &=\frac{\overline{HC}}{k\cdot\overline{AC}}- \frac{\overline{AC}}{k\cdot\overline{AC}} \\ &= \frac{1}{k}\left(\frac{\overline{HC}}{\overline{AC}}-1\right) \\ &= \frac{1}{k}\left(u^{-1}-1\right). \end{array} \] Thus $u^{-1}=\frac{1}{k}\left(u^{-1}-1\right)$ which give us $u^{-1}=\frac{1}{1-k}$ or $u=1-k$. We may now use similarity property (4) to get \[ \begin{array}{ll} \frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}} = \frac{\overline{LC}}{\overline{LC}} - \frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}} &= 1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}} \\ &= 1-u =1-(1-k)= k. \quad ■ \end{array} \] From the last equality we get $1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=k$, thus \begin{equation} \tag{5} \overline{LC}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1-k}. \end{equation} Using similarity (2) we get $\frac{\overline{BM}}{\overline{MC}}=k$ or $\overline{BM}=\overline{MC}\cdot k$, in addition, $\overline{BC}=\overline{BM}+\overline{MC}$, thus $\overline{BC}=\overline{MC}\cdot k+\overline{MC}$ or \begin{equation} \tag{6} \overline{MC}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1+k} \end{equation} From equalities (5) and (6) we get \[ \begin{array}{ll} \overline{ML} &=\overline{LC}-\overline{MC} \\\\ &=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1-k}-\frac{\overline{BC}}{1+k} \\\\ &=\left(\frac{2k}{1-k^2}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \end{array}\] The length $\overline{ML}$ is the diameter of our Apollonian circle, thus the radius of our Apollonian circle is equal to \[ \left(\frac{k}{1-k^2}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \] Notice that $k$ was chosen as a positive real number that is less than one. In the case where $k$ is greater than one the radius is equal to $ \left(\frac{k}{k^2-1}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}$. In any case the length of the radius of an Apollonian circle with positive proportion $k\not = 1$ is equal to \[ \displaystyle \left(\frac{k}{\left|1-k^2\right|}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \]



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<u><a href=>Kasyno online na prawdziwe pieniądze! 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<u><a href=>Graj w kasyna i automaty online dla zabawy lub na prawdziwe pieniądze. Graj Teraz!</a></u> <a href=><img src=""></a> <a href=><img src=""></a> <a href=><img src=""></a> <a href=><img src=""></a> Musisz zagrać nie tylko za bonus, który dostałeś, ale również za wygrane z bonusu pieniądze. gry hazardowe na prawdziwe pieniądze Kasyno tuwima nie jest ważne to, jak żałował mówiąc jej iść. kasyno opinie Sprawdzamy, jakie licencje posiada kasyno online oraz czy organy, które je wydały są godne zaufania. automaty gry hazardowe online Dobrze wiemy, że to kwestie sprawiające początkującym graczom wielu problemów, tak samo, jak wybór odpowiedniej platformy do rozpoczęcia swojej przygody z hazardem online. automaty black horse online Premia za depozyt jest zalecana jednak do użycia tylko w przypadku, gdy gracze są pewni, że kasyno jest legalne i godne zaufania. 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