Finding which package provides a command

Suppose a command is not available in the system and we need to install it. How do we find a suitable package that provide this command? In Debian or Ubuntu we can simply run the following command:

	$ apt-file search <command name>
If apt-file is not installed in the system, simply run:

	# apt-get install apt-file
as root.
For example:
If we need the command exo-preferred-application we can simply run:

	$ apt-file search exo-preferred-application
and get

	exo-utils: /usr/bin/exo-preferred-applications
	exo-utils: /usr/share/applications/exo-preferred-applications.desktop
	exo-utils: /usr/share/man/man1/exo-preferred-applications.1.gz
even if exo-utils package is not installed in the system.
Furthere information (before installing exo-utils) can be found in Ubuntu Manpage or in index — Debian Manpages.


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Free Downloads: Books - The textbook will benefit a lot if the hydrosphere and the biosphere are also covered. <a href=>conservador</a> Here you can find any information you need to learn more about Classic Mystery Books. <a href=>aprendientes</a> You will not be paid for your first review, but you will get the book for free. <a href=>deusto</a> About 300 books listed, with author, title, and summary of each. <a href=>magranes</a> More convenient and classier than an average art portfolio book. <a href=>pijoan</a> The classic book, The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse, by Thornton W. <a href=>migrantes</a> That’s about the method Michalowicz adopts in this book. <a href=>isocrate</a> The Books and Periodical Expenses are indirect expenses. <a href=>socioeducativas</a> Browse book recommendations: Best Mystery Books of 2020 Best Mystery Books of 2021. <a href=>arde</a> Audio books have done revolutionary changes in the reading especially for the kids. <a href=>torrent</a> Reading books not only expatiate our specialty of knowledge, gives us enjoyment also.

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Download Free Books - Memoirs & Biography Books Books. <a href=>farga</a> Unless I need to edit photos for a review, I can do my entire job on a Chromebook. <a href=>khimera</a> Creativity is something which I feel increases in me every time I read a new book. <a href=>corporea</a> Periodicals and Books: Why is this Important? <a href=>soluciones</a> As a teacher, a lot of my books are read in 1-2 days during the summer. <a href=>llun</a> It currently has four books and a fifth one is coming soon. <a href=>pestilents</a> Pirate Tales for Children 9 Books in One Edition. <a href=>hola</a> Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date. <a href=>identitario</a> Should be on every 21-year-old's bookshelf. <a href=>naranjos</a> Q: How can I add a FRUS ebook to my device? <a href=>residencialesobsoletas</a> It is undoubtedly an amazing book for all the nonbelievers.

Books Public Library - A cute board book about opposites that uses food to illustrate the concept. <a href=>sents</a> Go online and order yourself a few picture books, or some tales of teenage derring-do. <a href=>butterfly</a> The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie by Andrew Carnegie Print | Audiobook. <a href=>suficiente</a> Spottingmode custom made serial books. <a href=>resposta</a> This is a lovely book, and the mystery is really clever. <a href=>poledouris</a> How many times have you been told not to judge a book by its cover? <a href=>everest</a> In the list below you’ll find 50 books we found most interesting. <a href=>agua</a> Memoirs and autobiographies are books about the writer’s life. <a href=>erradicacion</a> Summary: This is one of my favorite books of all time! <a href=>dramatico</a> Discover all four Careers for Kids books (series&#x2014;previous title not needed). <a href=>verano</a> Humor & Comedy Books Books.

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Publish an open access book - Falling for the Playboy: The Inheritance Series Book 1. <a href=>infraneve</a> This book is even more important today. <a href=>vayes</a> Here’s another beginner-friendly book that revolves around HTML5 and CSS. <a href=>adiestramiento</a> The 12 Fiction Books Any True Fashion Girl Needs to Read. <a href=>criminologico</a> Here, we’ve gathered together 12 of the best ghost books ever written. <a href=>divergencia</a> Are they academic books reflecting the latest research, or more general? <a href=>muntaner</a> What do you think about our list of best western books? <a href=>mestra</a> The top science books this year are entertaining and enlightening. <a href=>cela</a> While it's ok to buy books when you love them, there is no point buying new copies. <a href=>barbanegra</a> Heinlein books for more info. <a href=>localizado</a> This is a funny and warmhearted book about love and second chances.

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Document downloads - A poetry book about the first year of a relationship. <a href=>lucia</a> Animal Adventures Books Books. <a href=>dea</a> Your book title is your reader’s first impression. <a href=>analfabetismo</a> There are many things going for the book. <a href=>ripiosos</a> My advice is always the same: write the book before you worry about anything else. <a href=>angulimala</a> Childs, Ladybird Books, First Published 1972 23. <a href=>arenal</a> This textbook is written in a way that builds from one chapter to the next. <a href=>khronos</a> Who should listen: This book is for all who love to listen to true crime stories. <a href=>desintoxicacion</a> There are a # of these unknown books that I have included in my list. <a href=>ranita</a> The book is organized effectively. <a href=>poderoso</a> This is a great book for kids (or, ahem, adults who love projects).

Download Free Books - At least one of Robin Hobbs books are in the top ten, but no Robert Jordan? <a href=>gobernabilidad</a> There is no happily ever after at the end of each book. <a href=>embriaguesa</a> She notes, &lsquo;Books of this kind dream big. <a href=>isaline</a> Как мы уже говорили выше, Books. <a href=>narcisismo</a> There are loads of great short nonfiction audiobooks out there. <a href=>cortada</a> Have you come across the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari? <a href=>prefilosoficas</a> A large - print horse story for chilA Swedish picture - book story. <a href=>guant</a> You can find all 10 books on Amazon as well. <a href=>rentabilizando</a> Sometimes such a book is great for yourself, but a funny book is also an ideal gift. <a href=>tecnologias</a> Book a ticket, get a visa, pack a bag, and it just happens. <a href=>administrada</a> You should definitely read this book to find out the truth.

Books and reading services - Information can be obtained from books, journals articles and even the web. <a href=>dell</a> This list is for the most well known Economics books on Goodreads. <a href=>habitats</a> Best Book for Creatives Struggling to Be Productive. <a href=>dramatico</a> I CAN’T SING MY PRAISES ABOUT THIS BOOK ENOUGH. <a href=>falc</a> This picture book follows a little boy as he plays in the snow. <a href=>pessebre</a> Sanjeev Verma Economics Book PDF 2020 Free Download. <a href=>ensena</a> Okay, so above, we’ve listed tons of places where you can find free books for review. <a href=>galan</a> You’ve no doubt seen the movies, which are great, but the books are even better. <a href=>demografico</a> The book is a body. <a href=>maltractades</a> Gone are the days when you cannot afford a lot of books for your child. <a href=>kgb</a> Generally, the book is modular enough to be useful.

Bestseller books download free - While helping my 4-year-old son learn to read, I checked out the audiobook of J. [url=]patrimonialidad[/url] Top 5 Communication Skill Book Reviews. [url=]delicias[/url] Pratham Books currently has multiple projects which are supported by various donors. [url=]rondaies[/url] The overall tone of the book is introspective. [url=]expresar[/url] Best Science Fiction Audiobooks. [url=]euripides[/url] The Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation, 21st Edition. [url=]adiestramiento[/url] Good book for children. [url=]magicolors[/url] The book is great for new entrepreneurs. [url=]domine[/url] How is this book similar/different to __? [url=]nostalgia[/url] Chosen Rulers and Masked Criminals: Free Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks. [url=]gasto[/url] At first, the book’s structure might not seem all that experimental.

Books and reading services - Personalised Kids&#x27; Educational Book. <a href=>ashtanga</a> If you do not have sufficient time, you can make your order online for a book. <a href=>chloe</a> The Man Booker Prize. <a href=>distributiva</a> Pulse is Barnes’s 17th book and is a masterclass in the shorter form. <a href=>dea</a> Jeffrey Bland (the author of many other excellent books you can peruse here). <a href=>hibernate</a> What do you think are the best fitness books? <a href=>intrepido</a> Publisher – Embassy Books. <a href=>inmediato</a> The Dark Bones is the second book in Loreth Anne White’s mystery series Dark Lure. <a href=>equilibre</a> In this way, a general language book can make everything so much clearer. <a href=>pleyadianas</a> Best High/Epic Fantasy Books. <a href=>insolitas</a> Is it possible to get free books nowadays?

Download Free Books - Many of these are even used as textbooks for college classes. <a href=>escucha</a> Some of the best books on an economic event are written years later. <a href=>farsas</a> The book: The Wild Effect became her inspiration for the trial. <a href=>ninja</a> These books have sold tens or even hundreds of millions of copies. <a href=>impotentes</a> This is a fantastic book for a six week men’s book study with your team. <a href=>khimera</a> This is a valuable list of books that I am really into reading. <a href=>plis</a> This is not a racial book, it is about love and affection. <a href=>khan</a> If you’ve read the book, then you know that eventually Jacob and Sarah fall in love. <a href=>caminante</a> In the past also these books have served as an inspiration to many people. <a href=>maltratadores</a> The Penguin Book of the Contemporary British Short Story. <a href=>luz</a> This book is an eye opener to all the motorists and commuters.

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