Getting help in Tex Typesetting System

The command texdoc is a builtin command that allow easy access to any of Tex and LaTex documentation. The best way to start is to initiate a command line interpreter and run the following command:

	$ texdoc texdoc
This will open pdf file that contains full documentation of texdoc command.
It is also worthwhile to run:

	$ texdoc texdoctk
Note that using texdoctk requires the installation of perl-tk package. To use texdoctk simply run it the command line

	$ texdoctk
Using texdoc we can find information on any package, simply run

	$ texdoc <keyword>
for example we can find documentation about amsmath package simply by typing:

	$ texdoc amsmath
As specified in texdoc manual we can also run this command in different mode, view mode (the default), list mode and mixed mode. For example the command

	$ texdoc -l amsmath
Will list relevant documents to amsmath package. On the other hand the command

	$ texdoc -m amsmath
is a mixed mode version, namely, if the list contains more than one document it will act as in list mode otherwise it will act as view mode. The command

	$ texdoc -f
list the location of the configuration files for texdoc command. Only the recommended file for personal settings should be modified. With the texdoc configuration file we can configure what pdf viewer texdoc will use and other configuration options as specified in texdoc manual.