The circle of Apollonius

How to Construct an Apollonian Circle?

Proving Equivalency

Let $B$ and $C$ be two different fixed points, and let $A$ be any point such that \begin{equation} \tag{1} \label{eq1} \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{AC}}=k, \end{equation} where $k$ is any positive constant, different from one. We start with the following problem

Problem 1

Let $M$ be any point lying on the segment $BC$.

Prove:     Segment $MA$ bisects angle $\angle BAC$     if     $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}} = k$


Using the parallel axiom we can pass through $B$ a line that is parallel to $\overleftrightarrow{AC}$.

Since $\angle BMD \cong \angle CMA$ (vertical opposite angles) and $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{DB} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AC}$), we get \begin{equation} \tag{2} \triangle MDB \sim \triangle MAC \end{equation}


Since $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}} =k $ (given), we can use similar property (2) to get $\frac{\overline{BD}}{\overline{CA}}=k$, using equality (1) we can replace $\overline{CA}$ with $\frac{1}{k}\overline{BA}$ to get $\overline{BD}=\overline{BA}$. Thus $\angle BAM \cong \angle MDB$ (base angles in isosceles triangle), but $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{DB} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AC}$), therefor $\angle BAM \cong \angle MAC$ and as a result of this $AM$ bisects $\angle BAC$.


Since $MA$ bisects $\angle BAC$ (given), we get $\angle BAM \cong \angle MAC$. In addition $\angle MDB \cong \angle MAC$ (alternating between parallels), thus $\angle BAM \cong \angle MDB$ and this implies that $\overline{BD}=\overline{AB}$. We can thus replace $\overline{AB}$ in equation (1) with $\overline{BD}$ and get $\frac{\overline{BD}}{\overline{AC}}=k$. From the last equality and similarity property (2) we get $\frac{\overline{MB}}{\overline{MC}}=k$. $■$

The result of problem (1) suggesting that the bisector of angle $\angle BAC$ is itersecting with segment $BC$ at a fixed point $M$. It doesn't matter whether we move point $A$ or not, as long as equality (1) preserved (for the point $A$), the intersection point $M$ (of $BC$ and the bisector of $\angle BAC$) is not going to move. We can now bisect the complementary angle of $\angle BAC$ to get the diameter of our Apollonian circle. However we are not done yet, we still don't know whether the locus of all points $A$, satisfying equation (1), form more than one circle.

Problem 2

Let $L$ be any point lying on the line $\overleftrightarrow{BC}$ and outside of the segment $BC$.

Prove:     Segment $LA$ bisects the supplementary angle of $\angle BAC$     if     \begin{equation} \tag{3} \frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}} = k \end{equation}


Using the parallel axiom we can pass through $L$ a line that is parallel to $\overleftrightarrow{AB}$ and intersect with the ray $\overleftrightarrow{CA}$ at a point $H$.

Since $\angle LHC \cong \angle BAC$ and $\angle CLH \cong \angle CBA$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{LH} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AB}$), we get \begin{equation} \tag{4} \triangle ACB \sim \triangle HCL \end{equation}


From equality (3) and similarity property (4) we get \[ k=\frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}}=\frac{\overline{LC}-\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}, \] thus $\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=1-k$. We can use this equality and similarity property (4) to get \[ \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=\frac{\overline{AC}}{\overline{HC}} =1-k. \] Using these chain of equalities and equalities (1) and (3) we get \[ \begin{array}{lll} \frac{\overline{HA}}{\overline{HL}} &= \frac{\overline{HC}}{\overline{HL}}-\frac{\overline{AC}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= \frac{(1-k)^{-1}\overline{AC}}{\overline{HL}}-\frac{k^{-1}\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= (1-k)^{-1}k^{-1}\cdot \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}}-k^{-1}\cdot \frac{\overline{AB}}{\overline{HL}} \\ &= (1-k)^{-1}k^{-1}\cdot (1-k)-k^{-1}(1-k) \\ &= k^{-1}\big(1-(1-k)\big) \\ &= 1. \end{array} \] Thus, $\overline{HA}=\overline{HL}$ and this implies that $\angle CLH \cong \angle HAL$ (the base angles in isosceles triangle are congruent). But, $\angle LAB \cong \angle CLH$ (alternating angles between $\overleftrightarrow{LH} \parallel \overleftrightarrow{AB}$), therefor $\angle LAB\cong HAL$, and indeed, segment $AL$ bisects $\angle HAB$.


Since $\angle LAB\cong \angle ALH$ (alternate angles between $\overleftrightarrow{HL}\parallel\overleftrightarrow{AB}$), we get $\overline{HL}=\overline{HA}$. Let $u$ be the proportionality constant of property (4), then \[ \begin{array}{lll} u^{-1} &=\frac{\overline{HL}}{\overline{AB}} =\frac{\overline{HA}}{\overline{AB}} \\ &=\frac{\overline{HC}}{k\cdot\overline{AC}}- \frac{\overline{AC}}{k\cdot\overline{AC}} \\ &= \frac{1}{k}\left(\frac{\overline{HC}}{\overline{AC}}-1\right) \\ &= \frac{1}{k}\left(u^{-1}-1\right). \end{array} \] Thus $u^{-1}=\frac{1}{k}\left(u^{-1}-1\right)$ which give us $u^{-1}=\frac{1}{1-k}$ or $u=1-k$. We may now use similarity property (4) to get \[ \begin{array}{ll} \frac{\overline{LB}}{\overline{LC}} = \frac{\overline{LC}}{\overline{LC}} - \frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}} &= 1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}} \\ &= 1-u =1-(1-k)= k. \quad ■ \end{array} \] From the last equality we get $1-\frac{\overline{BC}}{\overline{LC}}=k$, thus \begin{equation} \tag{5} \overline{LC}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1-k}. \end{equation} Using similarity (2) we get $\frac{\overline{BM}}{\overline{MC}}=k$ or $\overline{BM}=\overline{MC}\cdot k$, in addition, $\overline{BC}=\overline{BM}+\overline{MC}$, thus $\overline{BC}=\overline{MC}\cdot k+\overline{MC}$ or \begin{equation} \tag{6} \overline{MC}=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1+k} \end{equation} From equalities (5) and (6) we get \[ \begin{array}{ll} \overline{ML} &=\overline{LC}-\overline{MC} \\\\ &=\frac{\overline{BC}}{1-k}-\frac{\overline{BC}}{1+k} \\\\ &=\left(\frac{2k}{1-k^2}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \end{array}\] The length $\overline{ML}$ is the diameter of our Apollonian circle, thus the radius of our Apollonian circle is equal to \[ \left(\frac{k}{1-k^2}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \] Notice that $k$ was chosen as a positive real number that is less than one. In the case where $k$ is greater than one the radius is equal to $ \left(\frac{k}{k^2-1}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}$. In any case the length of the radius of an Apollonian circle with positive proportion $k\not = 1$ is equal to \[ \displaystyle \left(\frac{k}{\left|1-k^2\right|}\right)\cdot \overline{BC}. \]


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Each bonus is valid for 30 days. <a href=>wildtornado_casino</a> Date and Time - The date and time of the start of the time slot. <a href=>slots_motherboard</a> We on FreeslotsHUB had a decent number of flash demos removed from our website. <a href=>home_slots</a> If you prefer a lot of famous casino games, you should try different types. <a href=>slots_promotions</a> Free Slots with Bonus Rounds. <a href=>addictive_slots</a> Added Minecart, Mount, Pet and Grappling Hook slots. <a href=>casino_games_play_for_free</a> With all of these bonus options, every player can make their winning bet. <a href=>baccarat_casino</a> You will get much less speed as compared to the original x4 slot, but it still works. <a href=>slots_100</a> Multi-payline slots may have zigzagged, v-shaped, diagonal, or vertical paylines. <a href=>slots_crazy</a> The casino will likely extend your credit from 10 to 20 percent. <a href=>porn_casino</a> Warlocks have spell slots. <a href=>casino_maxbetslots</a> Book of Dead Slot. <a href=>scatter_casino</a> A reputable online casino can have up to or more than 500 games.

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But what really makes this slot shine is the Starburst slots Wild feature. <a href=>charging_slots</a> Each RAM slot will have two small clips at either side. <a href=>slots_available</a> Catawba Two Kings Casino Slot Machines. <a href=>slots_wing</a> Guide on the Slot Games and Casinos. <a href=>wulkan777_casino</a> History of Macau casinos. <a href=>play_casino_blackjack_online</a> Today, greater than ever, is a super time to gamble and play in casinos. <a href=>nine_casino</a> Replication slots also come with some caveats. <a href=,1,3,9-dosty-pen-mahabbat-zn-z-tanu-sabay.html>free_games_casino_play_online</a> Because slots are such a popular form of gambling in the U. <a href=,1,3,9-dosty-pen-mahabbat-zn-z-tanu-sabay.html>free_games_casino_play_online</a> This increases the volatility of this free no download slot really high. <a href=>caesars_casino_play</a> Bao Casino offers you hundreds of multi-vendor games from more than 30 vendors. <a href=>slots_mini</a> This slot with five-reels does not have standard paylines. <a href=>slots_platinum</a> This simple but fun and intense slot is today the most searched and played. <a href=>play_casino_blackjack</a> Logical replication works only via replication slots.

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Learn more how to hack a slot using your phone. <a href=>dragon_slots</a> All the brands that we recommend offers their players interesting welcome bonuses. <a href=>jvspin_casino</a> The section with the same name has collected more than 2000 slot machines. <a href=>play_casino_affiliate</a> The Best Free Casino Slot Games For Fun. <a href=>music_slots</a> Three Card Poker is like getting two Las Vegas casino games in one. <a href=>wolfy_casino</a> Animations and video effects are what make these slots so attractive. <a href=>jooz_casino</a> Many of these vanity items are references to popular culture and other video games. <a href=>jet8_casino</a> There are numerous cashier desks in the Casino and all of them can sell Casino chips. <a href=>fortune_slots</a> This is a must join casino for all the right reasons. <a href=>jet12_casino</a> The number of machines for gaming in Joycasino is above 600. <a href=>dogs_slots</a> All of the Casino deposits go through the blockchain. <a href=>spell_slots</a> Video poker is another game that lures several players to this casino. <a href=>casino_play_cards</a> For example, 1-hour slots will appear wider than 15-minute slots.

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They all refer to the Egyptian slots. <a href=>slots_promo</a> The Android app version is available through the LuckyLand Casino website. <a href=>casino_clubnika</a> Playing slots, you automatically take part in a tournament for a daily jackpot. <a href=>aurum_casino</a> Level of Spell Slot Number of Sorcery Points Required 1st 2 2nd 3 3rd 5 4th 6 5th 7. <a href=>free_casino_play_games</a> Diversity of the games is a top of consideration of Golden casino. <a href=>casino_vulkan</a> A wide range of slots can satisfy the needs of any customer. <a href=>empty_slots</a> All live-dealer games are available in various languages and streamed in HD. <a href=>seven_slots</a> Kesempatan Kemenangan Dalam Game Slot. <a href=;u=71547>match_and_play_casino</a> Nomini Casino Sign Up. <a href=>photo_slots</a> For example, Planet 7 Casino uses BetonSoft software for its blackjack games. <a href=>casino_everum</a> Catalog of slot machines. <a href=>wulkan777_casino</a> The most common place to play slots is at a land-based casino. <a href=>games_to_play_casino</a> Just stick to such games and have plausible experience.

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